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NEMO BOARDS Skateboards für Kinder, Kinderskateboards

Our Story

NEMO BOARDS® is a project by Nemo and Motte - NE & MO, NEMO. The two live together with 3 children and Mio the dog. They skate and draw together as often as possible. After a stressful and time-consuming phase in working life, one day while driving in the Bulli (affectionately called "KARL KUTTER"), the idea came up to found a skateboard company especially for children's skateboards! More quality time and better skateboards for the kids!

This is us

Teresa Holtmann is known as an illustrator and designer by the name "Frollein Motte" and brings not only her experience as a longboarder and mother, but also her design skills. Her child-friendly and positive illustrations make the NEMO BOARDS® just as perfect for girls as they are for boys. Nemo Holtmann has worked in medical technology for a long time and has been skating since he was a child. Together with the kids, Nemo has already gained a lot of experience with children's skateboards. He takes care of the selection of the components and, together with his team of (small) specialists, optimizes the riding characteristics of all NEMO BOARDS®.

NEMO BOARDS Skateboards für Kinder, Kinderskateboards
NEMO BOARDS Skateboards für Kinder, Kinderskateboards

More quality time with your kids!

We love skateboarding because it's a lot of fun and kids can learn a lot from it:

➜ Self-determination
➜ Coordination< br/>➜ Tolerance
➜ Courage to make mistakes / trial and error
➜ Fall down and get up again

Skateboarding is one of the most beautiful leisure activities, that can transform your city into an exciting adventure landscape. With a skateboard you give your child the opportunity to move outdoors and gain more self-confidence by mastering this hobby. More time outdoors - less time on your smartphone!

We make skateboards for kids because we wanted better boards for our own kids. After a few bad buys and a lot of experience with the subject, we realized that there is still room for improvement in the field of ​​children's skateboards. As a team of skateboarders, parents, children and designers, we are now tackling this topic.

More time together and more time outside! Hardly anything feels better than riding a nice skateboard. Whoever has the most fun wins!


NEMO BOARDS Skateboards für Kinder, Kinderskateboards


With a lot of experience and love for skateboarding, we have tested and optimized our boards with kids. The size and set-up of the NEMO BOARDS® are perfectly tailored to small skaters. Ideal for children and, thanks to high-quality materials, also stable enough for adults!

NEMO BOARDS Skateboards für Kinder, Kinderskateboards


For our Softgrip® skateboards for kids we use a layer of foam or cork. These materials not only protect the knees and feet of the little skateboarders, but also their clothing. When skating, our Softgrip® offers a good grip. Softgrip® is about as soft as a yoga mat.

NEMO BOARDS Skateboards für Kinder, Kinderskateboards


Whoever has the most fun wins! We believe that skateboarding is not about being "the toughest" or "the coolest". Our designs are friendly and suitable for girls as well as boys. NEMO BOARDS® are for everyone!

NEMO BOARDS® - Softgrip® Skateboards

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